Undercover Love 

Undercover Love 

Goa is a lovely city in the East, often called the “Rome of the East.” It’s famous for its beautiful beaches, lively cultures, and rich history. People in love often visit the beaches, and you can smell love in the air there. It’s a special place for lovers. In this pretty spot, there’s a young couple. They’re holding hands and strolling on Calangute Beach, which is the biggest beach in Goa. The girl sees a corn stall and asks for some. The guy quickly gets her a cup of steamed corn because he always wants to make her happy. Her wish is his command. 

They are walking by the sea, and she sees a big rock near the water. The waves come and touch the rocks before going away. Just thinking about the water touching her feet makes her excited. She holds his hand, and they go to the rock. She sits on it, and he sits beside her. A big wave touches her feet, and she laughs like a child. He looks at her and smiles because he’s happy to see her smiling and feeling joyful because of him.

They sat there for a while, enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The only sound that they hear is the flowing water. She’s watching the waves, and he can’t take his eyes off her. He’s in love with this lovely girl. Her name is Natasha Shergill, and his name is Aaryan Mehra. Aaryan is a famous businessman. Natasha is a fashion designer and has her own store called “Natasha’s Glamour Grove.

Natasha and Aaryan are in Goa for a vacation to enjoy time together. Natasha has been busy with fashion shows and brand events, and Aaryan recently had a quick business trip to London. Now, they finally have time for each other and are on the romantic beaches of Goa. Natasha hugs Aaryan and gives him a surprise kiss on the cheek, which leaves him surprised. He looks at her, and she laughs.

“Aaryan, you’re so adorable. Why are you so nervous? It’s just me and you. Nobody can stare at you without my permission,” she says, looking at her beloved.

“Yeah, that’s true, isn’t it?” Aaryan playfully responds, and she gently taps his arm.

“Yes, it is! I can’t bear anyone looking at you. I can’t bear the thought of losing you,” she says, getting a little emotional.

“Hey, don’t cry. You know I can’t stand to see you upset,” Aaryan says, wiping away the single tear rolling down her cheek.

Aaryan gives Natasha a big hug, and then they decide to go back to their hotel, Goa Paradise Retreat. They reserved a special honeymoon room because they planned to stay for 8 days and wanted to be together. It’s their third day in Goa, and today they want to stay in their hotel room for the evening. They go back to their room and take turns getting freshened up and changing into comfortable night dresses. Aaryan orders two cups of coffee and some waffles, one with vanilla flavour and the other with chocolate.

Natasha comes over and hugs him from behind, draping her arms around his neck. She kisses his cheek and teases him playfully, indulging in a romantic play. 


Late at night, Natasha wakes up and sees her beloved Aaryan sleeping. She carefully checks to see if he’s really asleep. Once she’s sure, she quietly leaves the room with her phone. She checks her messages and makes a call. She smiles when she hears a familiar voice on the other end.

“We’re getting closer to our goal. We’ll catch the culprit soon.”

“I’ve been working hard on this. I’ve sent you all the information. You need to find out about the secret deals.”

“That’s great. I’m pretty sure he knows about it,” the person on the other end says.

“Okay, that’s good news. I’ll be waiting to hear more. Take care! Talk to you soon.”

She ends the call and grins sneakily. It seems like she’s involved in something that Aaryan doesn’t know about. 

Afterwards, she goes back into the bedroom, where Aaryan is still sleeping. She sighs with relief and lies down on the bed again, drifting back into her dreams.


The next morning, Natasha wakes up when the sunlight shines into her eyes. As she opens her eyes, she sees Aaryan lying right next to her, looking at her with a lot of love in his eyes. She smiles and moves closer to him, cuddling into his chest. He gently kisses the top of her head. This is their usual morning routine, something they always do. He enjoys gazing at her lovely face, while she’s like a playful doll. She likes being close to him and playing around by tracing her fingers on his face and chest. It’s her favourite thing to do when she wakes up. 

“Good Morning, Love! What are you up to, honey?” He asks, kissing her head softly. 

“I am just in love with you, Aaryan. That’s all I know.” Natasha cuddles close to him and traces a heart on his chest. 

“I’m thrilled to hear that, Love! How did I ever become so fortunate to hold you in my arms?” Aaryan says, gently cradling her face.

“I’m the lucky one, you know, because I fell for you! You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” she says, planting a sweet kiss on his cheek, catching him off guard.

“Ah! I could spend the entire day just like this, Natasha, wrapped up in your arms. What could possibly be better than this?” He asks, gazing at her beautiful face.

“Just you and me in a cosy, softly lit, and fragrant room. At moments like these, I secretly hope that the day and night will stretch on forever,” she says playfully.

With a warm smile, he draws her even closer, their lips meeting in a tender, lingering kiss that speaks volumes of their deep affection for each other. As their lips parted, their eyes remained locked in a silent promise of countless more moments like this to come. They continue to gaze into each other’s eyes, lost in the moment, until the ringing of a phone shatters their enchanting trance.

Aaryan answers the phone call, and his expression changes to a sad one when he hears who’s calling. He looks at Natasha, who’s still drawing figures on his chest. After ending the call, he turns towards Natasha, realising he needs to share something important with her.

Natasha feels his constant gaze on her and glances at him, catching him off guard. She raises her brows at him, asking about the matter. He looks worried; he’s frowning at the moment, and his smile has vanished. She sits up on the bed and ruffles his hair.

“What is the matter? Why are you so tensed, Aaryan?” She asks softly, reading his expressions.

“Natasha, I have to attend a meeting,” he tells her hesitantly.

“Meeting? Why? And here in Goa? That’s not done!” Natasha says dejectedly, her smile has vanished, and she’s sad.

“I’m sorry, but this meeting has come up suddenly, and I need to be there. One of my clients is here in Goa only,” Aaryan explains, cupping her face.

“But you promised me we would enjoy this vacation together, and you won’t leave me alone, even for a second,” She looks at him sadly.

“I know, babe. But I’ll be needed at the conference. Even if I don’t want to go, there’s no excuse. You can stroll around on your own or stay in the hotel. Once I am done with the meeting, I will be all yours,” Aaryan says, convincing her.

“When’s your meeting?” She asks, entangling her fingers with his.

“Tomorrow Evening. But before that, the client wants to meet for an hour today. That’d be a quick affair,” he informs her.

“Okay, so would you mind if I came along with you to your meeting tomorrow?” She asks him, snuggling close to him.

“You’ll get bored, love. What will you do?” He asks lovingly.

“Ah, I have my own work, Aaryan. It’s just that when I am with you, I don’t like to work. You’re my priority when we’re together. So, you do your meeting; I’ll do mine. And then we could have a nice dinner and stroll on the beach, What do you say?” She asks, pretty excited about the idea she has proposed.

“That’s a great idea, Natasha! You’re a sweetheart; I’ll get my work done, and I’ll have you by my side; what could be better than this?” He exclaims.

“You’re no better than me, Mr. Aaryan. Come on, get ready. You have to meet your client, right? I will stay in the hotel. I have a friend coming up,” she tells him.

Aaryan agrees, and they take their chances to shower and dress up for the day. They order breakfast for their room, and after having breakfast, Aaryan leaves the room, promising Natasha that he will be back soon.

As Aaryan departs, Natasha lets out a profound sigh. After securely locking the room, she inhales deeply to steady herself. Retrieving her phone, she dials a specific contact. In a hushed tone, she arranges a rendezvous at Villa Blanche Bistro in twenty minutes. Ending the call, she grabs her handbag, hastily tucks some papers inside, and strides out of the room, ensuring it’s securely locked behind her.

Natasha walks into Villa Blanche Bistrot, a lovely little cafe with a cosy feel and old-fashioned decorations. The place smells like freshly brewed coffee, instantly making her feel right at home. She looks around and spots her friend sitting at a corner table, engrossed in a book. A big smile lights up her face as she approaches him.

This is the same friend she called just twenty minutes ago. They greet each other with smiles and a warm hug. As they embrace, Natasha feels a deep sense of calm and belonging. She tells him how much she missed him during their time apart, and it seems like he feels the same way. They let go of each other and sat down, finding comfort in their familiar surroundings.

“I’ve got something exciting to show you,” Natasha says, her eyes shining with anticipation.

“I’ve got plenty to share with you too.” He replies in the same tone. 

They talk about something important and she mentions Aaryan’s name many times. Even he mentions it while talking about some meetings. 

“He had a meeting today, and I stayed back in the hotel room. Take a look at what I found.” She opens a file and reveals a set of papers, which her friend reads with a shocked expression.

These documents contain information about the very criminal organisations they’ve been tracking, including one connected to illegal weapons.

“I stumbled upon these in Aaryan’s files, but I’m torn. Part of me wants to believe he’s innocent, but another part suspects he might be the mastermind. I’m confused and need your help. My thoughts are all over the place,” Natasha sighs.

Her friend says gently, “You might be letting your emotions cloud your judgement, Natasha.”

“I just don’t know anymore. I can’t think clearly. I have this feeling that Aaryan is involved,” Natasha says, her voice filled with disappointment.

He remains silent but holds her hands, offering her comfort and silently promising to stand by her side no matter what challenges lie ahead. As they continue talking, their love for each other, their unwavering commitment to their mission, and the complexity of the situation become even more evident. Their connection goes beyond friendship; it’s a partnership formed with a purpose, and they draw strength from each other as they face the uncertain road ahead.


Natasha returns to the hotel suite and finds a message from Aaryan that he’ll be a little late. She sighs deeply and settles into the bed with her laptop, feeling the softness of the mattress beneath her. She’s still processing the information that she’s gotten from her friend. Her fingers glide over the keyboard as she works, the gentle hum of the air conditioner providing a consistent background noise.

As she delves into her research, her mind consumed by the details of the investigation, a notification pings on her laptop, startling her. An email has arrived, and the subject line piques her curiosity and raises her heart rate. She hesitates for a moment before clicking on it, uncertainty gripping her.

The email opens before her, revealing intricate information about Aaryan’s involvement in illegal drug and weapons deals. Dates, locations, and the names of key players are all laid bare in front of her. Her heart pounds loudly in her chest as the pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place.

The implications of this revelation weigh heavily on her, and a rush of emotions courses through her. She’s both vindicated and fearful as she scrolls through the damning evidence. Her face reflects the gravity of the situation—a mix of determination and apprehension.

The once-peaceful hotel room now crackles with tension as Natasha grapples with the truth she’s uncovered. She knows that this discovery has the potential to upend everything, and she must navigate the treacherous path ahead with caution, aware of the dangers that lie in wait.

She quickly scans the documents and pieces of evidence. In no time, she’s typing furiously, and a couple of minutes later, she presses the Send button and sighs deeply. She then dials a specific number, and the call is picked up in one ring.

“Yeah, I’ve sent an email to you Take a look and you know the deal, right?”

“Absolutely. I’ll keep you posted. Alright, catch you later. Bye!”

Natasha disconnects the call, and at the same time, there’s a knock on the door. She becomes alert and closes her laptop. She doesn’t want Aaryan to know anything that she’s doing behind his back. 


Natasha opens the door and finds Aaryan standing on the other side, and she ushers him in, locking the door behind him. He takes a seat on the couch and lets out a deep sigh. Natasha gazes at him with intent, her eyes urging him to share the details of the meeting he’s just attended. He appears weary, and she places her hands on his shoulders, gently massaging them. She senses him gradually relaxing beneath her touch, and she knows that now is the opportune moment to inquire about his meeting.

“How was the meeting?” She inquires, planting a tender kiss on the top of his head.

“It went well. The final deal is set for tomorrow,” Aaryan responds. 

“That’s fantastic news! I have complete faith in you, Aaryan. I’m so proud of what you’re achieving,” Natasha says as she moves in front of him, gazing into his eyes.

“It’s important, Natasha. Once this deal goes through, our earnings will increase significantly. It’s a great move for the business,” he explains, but Natasha senses that it’s primarily about money for him.

She realizes he’s driven solely by self-interest, indifferent to the consequences for others. Natasha is certain that the upcoming meeting will be the perfect opportunity to expose his true nature and bring him to justice.


Natasha and Aaryan spend some precious moments together. She proposes having dinner at the hotel restaurant, and he readily agrees. He freshens up and dons his comfortable night attire, and then the two head down for dinner. The evening unfolds as a calm and sweet affair between them.

They enter the restaurant holding hands. The room is softly lit and has a cosy ambience. Natasha smiles and breathes in the sweet aroma that permeates the restaurant. They sit at a table with a candle flickering, casting a warm glow on their faces. They order their favourite meal together. During the meal, Aaryan talks about his business. He tells her that this deal will be very beneficial for him and their business. Natasha listens to him attentively. She doesn’t know what to say, so she just agrees with him. She tries to change the subject and suggests to go for a stroll in the garden. He doesn’t want to go but agrees reluctantly. 

They walk in the garden; it is well lit, and the sky is full of stars. Natasha is overwhelmed by the imagery she sees. They walk hand in hand, and their fingers are intertwined. As the wind touches her face, she giggles. When Aaryan sees her giggling, his eyes stop on her. She gazes at him; there is a longing for each other. Silence does the talking for them as their lips meet in a sweet and passionate kiss that ignites the spark of love between the two souls. It is a moment filled with longing and the promise of a deeper connection, a moment that solidifies their growing affection for each other.

As they end the kiss, they smile at each other, and Natasha hides in his chest. Yes, it’s not the first time, but she’s always shy about forming a close and passionate bond with Aaryan. After spending some more time in the fresh air, the two go back to their suite.

Natasha locks the door, and finds Aaryan already on the bed. She hops next to him, rests her head on his outstretched arm, and puts an arm around his waist. He pulls her tighter against him, and they dive deep into their dreamland.


Natasha and Aaryan fall asleep quickly. It’s nearly midnight when their slumber is abruptly interrupted by a strong vibration followed by a persistent beeping sound. Natasha stirs, whimpering slightly, as Aaryan reaches for his phone and engages in a hushed conversation. Curiosity gnaws at Natasha, and she gazes at him, but he motions for her to go back to sleep before quietly leaving the bedroom to answer the call.

Unable to resist her curiosity, Natasha slips out of bed, her bare feet making soft contact with the floor. She follows Aaryan down the dimly lit hallway, maintaining a safe distance as he continues his conversation on the phone.

Intrigued and hopeful, she speculates that this call might be from Aaryan’s team, and she anticipates the possibility of gaining insights into the elusive deals that have occupied his thoughts for some time now. Aaryan’s animated tone suggests the significance of the conversation, and Natasha’s heartbeat quickens with each word she manages to eavesdrop.

Standing in the shadows, she listens intently, straining to piece together the fragments of conversation she can discern. Aaryan’s references to an illegal weapons deal, his excitement, and his instructions to his team about arranging a meeting at the Star Ace Club the next day are like pieces of a puzzle that Natasha desperately wants to solve.

As Aaryan wraps up the call and begins to return to the bedroom, Natasha quietly retreats, her mind racing with newfound information. She’s eager to share the details with her friend, who has been helping her track these elusive deals. With her heart pounding, she re-enters the bedroom and settles onto the bed.

Aaryan slips back into bed beside her, drawing her into his embrace and placing a gentle hand on her waist as he snuggles closer. Natasha’s excitement is palpable as she contemplates the opportunity to unravel the mystery behind these illegal deals and the identity of the businessman involved. The night holds new secrets, and Natasha is determined to uncover them.

The next day ushers in a substantial workload for both Natasha and Aaryan. He stays busy throughout the entire morning, continuing through lunch, while she detects a significant shift in their circumstances. Aaryan is on call for the entirety of the morning. Natasha tries to listen carefully, but she can’t discern anything of importance. However, she is confident that he plans to hold a meeting at the Star Ace Club tonight. She conveys this information to her friend, who assures her of their next plan. 

The day passes in a blur, and Aaryan tends to leave an hour prior to the meeting. Natasha looks at him, and she’s suspicious of his actions. He’s been working all day, and now he seems to be in a hurry. She walks into the bedroom, following him, but her phone rings, alerting her. She picks up the call, and a smile lights up her face upon hearing the caller from the other side. She assures them and marches into the bedroom to talk to Aaryan. She finds him getting ready. She stands behind him, makes him wear the coat, and knots his tie.

“You seem to be in a hurry, love. Why?” She asks softly.

“I told you, Natasha. I have to check the papers and then meet a friend before the meeting. You are coming with me. We have to go to the Grand Hyatt, Goa.” He says this, turning towards her.

“Okay, but there’s an hour, Aaryan. Why so early?” She asks, trying to gain information from him.

“Natasha, please understand. It’s necessary for us to be there on time. I have to be there before the meeting. You can lounge in the cafe in the resort itself.” He suggests.

“Okay, I’ll get ready. But please don’t take too long, Aaryan.” She says.

“I won’t, my love. After the meeting, I’ll be all yours.” He says it softly.

He pulls her close; their lips meet in a soft, lingering kiss for a few moments. They break the kiss, and she gets ready, picking up her things, and they leave the hotel together.


Star Ace Club

Aaryan is engaged in an intense conversation with the esteemed businessman, Rajeev Kashyap, within the confines of a discreet chamber tucked away in the club’s dimly lit basement. This secluded enclave exudes an air of exclusivity and confidentiality. The room is adorned with rich, dark wood panelling and plush leather furniture, creating an atmosphere of opulence and privacy. 

Within its confines, several well-dressed individuals are strategically positioned, their presence indicating the importance of the ongoing discussion. Meanwhile, a few vigilant figures stand sentry outside the room, ensuring that no unauthorised intruders disturb the proceedings.

Natasha, having already scoped out this secluded chamber, discreetly guides her friend, providing directions and context as they navigate the club’s labyrinthine spaces.

Engaged in a discussion centred around lucrative business deals, the two men converse earnestly. Amid their dialogue, a shared moment of amusement emerges when Rajeev delivers a cleverly crafted joke, drawing wry, knowing smiles from both. 

However, it becomes evident that Rajeev’s leanings are strongly oriented towards the allure of these deals and the potential wealth they may yield. In a pivotal moment, he imparts a statement that captivates Aaryan entirely, his words resonating with such persuasive force that they momentarily hold Aaryan’s attention.

“Mr. Aaryan, I hope you’re providing me with genuine weapons and disclosing the quality of drugs accurately,” Rajeev asserts firmly, his words carrying a trace of doubt.

“Mr. Kashyap, we conduct our business with utmost honesty. Are you questioning our integrity?” Aaryan is taken aback at the moment. 

“Mr. Aaryan, I’m investing millions, and I insist on top-notch products. My previous experience left much to be desired. In our line of work, caution is imperative.”Rajeev replies. 

 “You can trust me, Mr. Rajeev. Once you’ve signed the papers, you can take delivery from my team.” Aaryan responds with a smile. 

“Let’s not waste any more time. We should sign the agreements promptly.” Rajeev says, impatience dripping in his demeanour. 

“Of course, Vikram, please fetch the papers,” Aaryan instructs his manager.

A few tense minutes pass, and Vikram rushes back, his face fraught with worry as he informs Aaryan that he can’t locate the agreement papers. Panic wells up within Aaryan, frustration building as this unforeseen obstacle threatens to derail the deal. He raises his voice, admonishing Vikram for his carelessness and urgently demanding that he rectify the situation by arranging the necessary documents. At the same time, a familiar voice falls into his ears. 

“Why are you in such a hurry, Aaryan? You promised to give me some time this vacation, and you’re here. “


Aaryan is taken aback as he finds his lady love in the room. His men lie unconscious, and he’s filled with fear as he watches a team of other men enter the room.

Senior Inspector Ruhana Desai, Mumbai Police,” she declares, locking her gaze on his.

“Don’t be so shocked, Aaryan. This was my plan to trap you. And I met you faking as Natasha,” Ruhana, also known as Natasha, says while looking at the astounded Aaryan, who gazes back at her intently.

“And here you are in our custody. You won’t be able to engage in any illegal deals anymore,” another man remarks as he stands beside Ruhana.

Aaryan scans the room; his men remain unconscious, and the police have surrounded him from all sides. The young man introduces himself as Senior Inspector Vineet Kumar from the Mumbai Police. He’s Ruhana’s friend, the one to whom she directed all the clues she uncovered.

Vineet explains that he has already swapped the papers, ensuring that the deals won’t proceed as planned. Rajeev is incensed at Aaryan for getting entangled with the police, realising that his reputation will suffer. He hurls insults at Aaryan, but Vineet promptly arrests him and sends him away.

Ruhana steps forward and secures the handcuffs around Aaryan’s wrists. Aaryan is in a state of shock; the woman he loves is the one arresting him. He looks at her, his heartbroken expression evident. However, his sins have left no room for sympathy.

“How could you do this to me? You love me, don’t you?” he implores.

“You haven’t given me any reason to love you, Aaryan. I faked it, and I admit it. I never loved you. It was all the trap to get out all your secrets,” Ruhana replies bluntly.

“My country comes first for me. You’re involved in all the wrong things, and you expect me to fall for you. I’m sorry, Aaryan. Your real place is behind bars, and I’m going to take you there,” she asserts, tightening the handcuffs and leading him to the police station.

An hour later, after putting the culprits behind bars, they return home. Ruhana sits on the couch and heaves a deep sigh. Vineet places his hand on her shoulder, and she instantly embraces him.

“I missed you, Vineet. Finally, the ‘Undercover Love’ mission is over,” she says while still wrapped in the hug.

“I missed you too. Let’s conclude this mission and start our real love,” he says softly.

She gently releases the embrace and gazes into his eyes. With a tender gesture, she leans in, her lips meeting his in a sweet, inviting kiss. Their connection deepens as they savour the moment, and when they eventually part, the happiness of being reunited radiates from their smiles. It’s time to embark on the conclusion of their real love story.
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    A few full stops were missed but the story had no lag. Like in this line

    “Yeah, I’ve sent an email to you Take a look and you know the deal, right?”

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