Penmancy posted under Penmancy Releases on 2024-06-25

uniVERSES is a collection of over 700 pocket poems that were produced during the National Poetry Month in April 2021, where writers shared their micro poems each day for 15 days under the gambit of a different form of poetry.

Poetry is the tune of souls that embraces other kindred spirits to sing the melody of their words. Each style brings their own tune to the table, enticing enough to excite the emotions of what they try to convey.

52 brilliant poets, each giving their own take and knitting their own twist in 15 unique styles of poetry. From a syllable-oriented style of Pensee to dancing to the word counts of Octet, from the sandwiched syllabled twist of a Haiku to a squared-of-10 Decuain. From the Spanish-inspired, question-and-answered Pregunta to the 26-syllabled Japanese song of Dodoitsu, from the whimsical Limericks to the ordered Whitney and many more unique styles of the art of poetry, the talented poets have conquered them all with tremendous grace and finesse.

Embark on this soul-searching, mind-bending journey and experience the wonder of poetry. Delve into uniVERSES with this breathtaking collection of verses!

We were extremely honoured to have Ms Mona Verma share the foreword for this collective.

“In uniVERSES, the intensity, creativity, and brevity with which the genres have been dealt with leaves one with a looming sense of thought and a smile.

The way poets have romanced with oxymorons, pierced through the obvious, and vividly described the settings- both emotional and physical, is stupendous.”

Mona Verma is an award-winning author of 8 works of fiction and numerous anthologies. She had edited various science journals, self-help books, biographies and is a regular feature writer for online newspapers, and specialises in Haiku & Limericks. Her books have been the subject of thesis for many Research Scholars and ICSE ELT series.

She co-owns DISHA, a Corporate Training firm that is much sought by leading MNCs, PSUs, Corporate Houses, and Universities for Faculty training, PEP, and PSI programs and is the Chief Coordinator for FLO FICCI, Uttarakhand Literature Committee.


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