Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again

The green grass smiles, drenched in generous dew,
The euphoric leaves dance to the tunes of harmonious breeze,
The hopeful lovers secretly embrace under their happy, silver moon,
And, I’m a dreary winter tree, bereft of the promise of ‘one day, Spring’.

Yet, I’ve known the season of fullness when you were here,
Blossomed, matured, cherished, under your tender care,
In your arms, I’ve known the fairytale bliss,
Enlivened, felt blessed, with your tender kiss.

When you departed, I blamed the world, blamed the Gods,
I blamed my bottomless love, unprepared for this irreparable loss,
I made grief my prison,
Should’ve known, ‘Forever’ was an illusion.

I sleep in your pillow, wrapped in our tender memories,
With a heavy, hurting heart, too spent for a new story.
Oft I think of the future, we had dreamed of,
The unfairness of what could’ve been and what is not.

I fervently wait for our final, eternal embrace,
A lasting togetherness, by heaven’s blessed gate,
Till then, my love, I will lean on your words, smiles and songs,
Feel your soothing presence, even though you are gone.

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