A place where gentle breeze unfurls tranquility,
I see often in dreams, away from scorching reality,
A place, which welcomes all living being,
Each season is as beautiful as glorious spring,
Solidarity, in the true sense, lies among diversity.
Darkness gives in, demon never dares to infiltrate,

Vices to overpower virtue, till eternity shall wait,
Each newborn is celebrated with warmth and love,
Demeaning biases, life is valued always above,
Destruction, children never learn, they learn to create.  

One God, one religion, Conscience above all,
One prayer utter every lip, it may never fall,
The world is one family, no boundaries ever exist,
Nature and creatures indulge in a never-ending tryst,
Mind disowns fear, peace pervades and each one stands tall.
The lush green and blue make the vista full of holy bliss,
I open my eyes, alas, the dream ends, utopia it is,
But, hope approaches and holds my hand,
One day will become true the utopia land,
All races will amalgamate, emerging from the chrysalis.


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