Value of Freedom

Value of Freedom

Echoed the screams of little ones,
God’s angels were terrifed by guns,
Demons dazed and terrorized Globe,
World’s leaders in quest of the probe.
To live free, lost its sense.

Reality bites, on our land,
There is a lot, we can not stand,
Dearth proves a sin to innocence,
Child labour still in abundance.
To live free, now a dream.

Women, beguiled in cage of gold,
Strive for liberty since age old.
Bide in vicious matrimony,
Cultured, grin with acrimony.
To live free, all she wished.

Liberty can’t be acquired free,
It takes huge cost, can’t disagree.
The freedom is not effortless,
Break the shackles, let all be bless.
To live free, is a thrill.

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