Victim to Victory

Victim to Victory

Sunidhi was running with a backpack and suitcase, it was a dark, stormy night. Wind was blowing with all its might, ferocious rain was also creating a havoc on Sunidhi’s body and mind. After reaching the highway, she was waiting for her cab to arrive, while completely drenched in rain water with her dupatta flowing in a manner like it was dancing on the tunes of raindrops just as it was equally enjoying the ultimate bliss by being freed from the horrors of Rishabh’s kicks, fists.

She regained her life by leaving behind her alcoholic and abusive husband after suffering for a year in the name of her parents honour in the society. Whenever she used to share her ordeal with them they silenced her by saying, “It’s your duty to be with him and correct him being his lawful wedded wife.”

Even her in-laws were blaming her for their son to be a womanizer as in their opine it’s her duty to satisfy his every hunger. Though the marks on her face, neck and hands were clearly visible to them indicating their son’s lustful acts on her body. Whenever she used to refuse his advances towards her, he forces himself on her by first brutally beating her with everything he gets hold of from belts, shoes to vases on the bedside.

The flowing dupatta still has the knots tied towards its end by her mother and grandmother as a ritual to remind her to always be submissive towards her husband and in-laws each and every word and order without even questioning.

She untie those knots after boarding the cab with a sense of freedom as she finally grabbed the courage to left the clutches of her husband and his inhumane behaviour, even though she tried her best to make him understand that his addiction to women and drugs are going to be a cause of suffering for him in the offing.

She instructed the driver to proceed in the direction of airport as she was going to London to fulfill her passion of studying and aim of being a successful lawyer. The University has offered her full time scholarship and every other expenses paid opportunity to pursue Masters in law.

Today at the felicitation ceremony organised by the government of India on the occasion of women’s day, she shared her journey with the audience on how she carved her path from being a victim of domestic abuse to a victorious woman. As now she is the head of a well-renowned solicitor agency which fight cases of domestic violence for women who are unable to take legal actions because of lack or absence of monetary funds and legal guidance.

She urged the parents to support their girls and not consider them as a burden to get rid of as soon as they find a good match. Also, she requested the women to get rid of their self-doubts and imbibe a sense of self-respect and dignity in this patriarchal society.


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