Voice From the Coffin

Voice From the Coffin

I felt suffocated inside as I heard
Twenty-one-gun shots in the sky. 
My mom cried silently, yet loud, 
My soul mate! Oh! Inconsolable. 

Twenty-one-gun shots in the sky, 
Fired for my valour. 
I, for once wished to come out, 
Just to motivate my dear battalion. 

My mom cried silently, yet loud, 
Her tears, sharper than the bullets.
Seeing her, I yearned to hug my kids,
The mother in me wept, like the rains.

My soul mate! Oh! Inconsolable, 
Reminiscing our moments on the battlefield, was he? 
I, longed to shout out and speak
Every olive green isn’t always a heart of steel. 
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