Voices of Despair

And then suddenly
Night overflows into day
Yellow cataracts
Of solar flames burn the sky
In cold time like tumbling stars

Years run wild in rage
Dawn breaks over shoreless seas
Alabaster cliffs
Scream under frayed expanses
Of plumbless lunar landscapes

When whispering winds
Come through windowless mansions
Vermilion towers
Stumble like staggering trees
On evenings of hurricanes

Damp darkness beckons
And triumphant tombs summon
Byzantine pilgrims
From many faraway realms
To their eternal embrace.


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Beryl Zephyr

An occasional writer but a regular thinker, Beryl sometimes fiddles in speculative fiction. He sees both humour and tragedy in everyday events and is extremely concerned with the fate of other creatures trapped in the monstrous march of 21st-century human civilization.

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One Thought to “Voices of Despair”

  1. Speechless… again a beautiful poem from you …

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