Waltz of the Yellow Light

Swirling and twirling rose the gentle breeze,
The dainty dandelions it loves to tease,
Delicately dance the yellow flowers,
Humming and flitting around are the lovely bees.

Down trickled the cool showers,
On the dandelions and the sunflowers.
Mesmerising shades of yellow veil the ground,
Sheltered by the dense newly -leafed bower.

The sights and fragrances of nature abound,
With the birds chirping in the background.
Bright yellow beam shoots across the sky,
Beckoning the sunflowers to whirl around.

Raise your arms high, towards the sky,
Rejoice and celebrate, without a sigh.
The yellow light has mellowed down,
It is now time to bid goodbye.
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Pashmeena Chowdhary

Pashmeena is a budding writer and blogger. She is attracted to the environment and social issues and is trying to make a difference. She considers herself to be in the process of learning from a great teacher called "LIFE".

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