Warmth of Love

Warmth of Love

I ate alone then
Could see her pacing up and down
Fresh homemade pickle, curd, white butter
Used to give me company
I longed for hers
She insisted that aaloo parathas* were best served when hot
My growing belly would ask me to stop at two
But her love and my heart would insist me to eat more
By the time she would come with her cold parathas*
I would be done.

I eat alone now
Could see the maid pacing up and down
Pickle, curd, white butter are no more handmade
Her fond memories give me company
I still long for hers
The hot aaloo parathas* feel cold down below
For they lack her warmth
My once grown belly too faded with her
I could have waited then for you
Now I wait an endless wait.

*Aaloo parathas – Flatbread stuffed with spicy mashed potatoes.

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