As I blow on the cold frosted glass,
The mist outside, condenses fast,
Trickling, dripping a thin water line,
Embraces the cold, with warm breath of mine.

Human soul cold with numbing hurt,
Sublimates as sadness, slowly thrusts,
Rolls down, thawed by human feel,
Tears crack open, as Sunshine heals.

Comrades we are in life journey too,
Tight lipped, and cold we travel through,
Ripples of smile reverberate in waters unsliced,
As pebbles of laughter hurled, cracking the ice.

Winter of life, is dismal and bland,
With no colors in sight, a dull white band,
The smiling Sun sprinkles bright golden dust,
A shimmering glare, as Sun rays burst.

Cold days spent in snug warm hugs,
With toasty company and love full mugs,
Balmy friendships fire our hearth warm,
Huddle around, surpass life’s worst snowstorm.
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