Watch What You Do

Watch What You Do

Whooping happily, they started with their running around, tagging and chasing. They could not remember when they had so much fun. No interruption, just play, fight, quarrel, mock fight of course then make up. If it wasn’t for hunger which  forced them to end their gamboling and rush home to dinner, they could go on forever.

Tonight, was special! It was a full moon night. The moon rose majestically from behind the hill, shedding its luminescence on all things living and those which had witnessed all through millions of years; the rocks, hills, mountains, the streams, the rivers, gently sustaining with its flowing care. 

All of them sat around, gazing at this stunning revelation, the best show ever. She felt she could just reach out and touch it, maybe clutch a handful for their play. Turning to see what her mother and aunts were up to, she realized they had all lifted their heads to the Heavenly Moon ready to sing in unison. She raised her head too! You could hear the pack howling right across the valley drenched in the glorious moonlight.

The elderly wolves in the pack then settled down for the night satiated after their meal, as Grandmother wolf began her nightly ruminations, all the cubs crowding around her, closer and closer. Jostling to touch a bit of her warm wizened coat.

‘Long long ago, or so my great, great, grandma would say….’,, she began.

‘There was no man in this land, the rivers were full of water and plenty of fish! The hills were covered with tall grass and all kinds of bushes laden with berries of all hues, red, purple and golden. That brought the birds from far and near… what merry songs they would sing! 

‘And make a tasty meal for the pack too?’ said the little one.

‘Of course! But you know the Laws of the wild- take as much as needed, when required. The bounties of Mother Nature are there for all!’

‘Then how did it change, Grandma?’ 

‘Man! And his never-ending demands,’ she said, as she frowned with disappointment. 

‘We wolves keep herds of deer in check, which prevents over grazing, allows trees to proliferate and even the streams who are thankful to us stay their course. Friends never hurt or part. Beavers thrive in colonies, and the deep pools they create, encourage shoals of fish to propagate. There’s enough food for all!’

‘So, what can we do Grandma?’ piped up the little ones.

‘I am going to pray to the Lord of all wolves… The Moon! Pray keep man locked in his own home, God. That will teach him a lesson!’ Her anger and wisdom sparkling in her tawny eyes!

‘Does praying work?’

‘No harm in trying little one. Who knows, one day it just might!’

Author’s note: In 2020 there occurred a lockdown across the world, where men were captive in their own homes, voluntarily as Nature quickly moved to reclaim all it had lost.

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One thought on “Watch What You Do

  1. The setting of the story was so fascinating. I loved it. The narrative was fine and the dialogue engaging. The wolf grandmother’s anger was well portrayed. I like the overall story.

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