Watermelon– One Less Than a Dozen

Watermelon– One Less Than a Dozen

Rumbo the Rabbit and Dumbo the Deer were very good friends.  Atleast that’s what Dumbo felt, but for Rumbo, Dumbo was a mere assistant. 

Dumbo did not mind this. The other animals in the farm ignored him as he was dump. While his neighbour Rumbo, atleast took him along wherever he went. 

“You just follow me.” Rumbo used to tell condescendingly.   

One night, Rumbo was terribly ill and dehydrated. Doctor Ozzu Owl examined and advised him to take watermelons.

Next day before the sun rose, Dumbo set out to the fruit market which was at the far end of the farm.

After a long walk which lasted hours, Dumbo reached Polly Panda’s watermelon shop. 

“My friend is seriously ill. He needs watermelon.” Dumbo told while catching his breath.

“Relax. How many do you want?”, Polly asked.

Dumbo had purchased banana in the past. He thought for a while and said, “One dozen.”

Polly directed Molly Monkey, his assistant, “Load the melons in the auto. Drop him back home.” As Molly was stretching his body, Polly ordered, “Be quick. A patient needs it urgently.”

On the way, while the auto was taking a turn, one watermelon rolled out onto the road. 

“Stop the auto.” Dumbo screamed. 

He ran behind the rolling watermelon, followed by Molly. It was a comic scene to watch.

Alas! Before they could catch the melon, Ellie Elephant’s speeding car crushed it. The watermelon juice splashed in all directions.

“Is this blood?”, Dolly Duckling asked her mother.

“No my dear. Nothing to fear.” The mother chuckled.

“Was there an accident?” Bobby Bull, who reached the spot a moment later, enquired. 

“Yes, but only the funny kind.” Molly giggled. Everyone who knew the reality laughed about aloud.

Dumbo was sad for the lost watermelon. He did not know what to tell his friend.

As the auto neared home, Dumbo saw many farm animals gathered at Rumbo’s tree. All were showering sympathetic lip service to the bedridden Rumbo without offering any real help. 

Seeing that  Dumbo is back, Rumbo was relieved. He took one water melon and started sucking it’s delicious juice. 

Doctor Ozzu Owl was astonished to see the auto  full of melons and asked, “Dumbo, how many watermelons did you buy? ”

“One less than a dozen”, Dumbo said regretfully. 

Ozzu smiled at Dumbo’s innocence, “Just one watermelon is enough for your friend to spring back to life.” 

The other animals mocked Dumbo for his foolishness.

Rumbo shouted, “Enough, all you have empty words, Dumbo risked his life to save mine. He is my best buddy.”

“A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Ozzu endorsed Rumbo’s views and demanded that the other animals apologise immediately. 

The other animals realized their mistake and applauded Dumbo for his hard work. 

Adulation from unexpected avenues could bring back zest in Dumbo like a magic. He announced, “Good that I got so many watermelons. Let’s have a watermelon party”

The animals of the farm cheered and had a great time. 
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