We Can Feel At Least

We Can Feel At Least

Believe me, the blank can’t let me forget you…
As the Sun appears to focus the colored square
And the flowers kiss one another, giggle as well
I act to the rest but feel the hollow along my chest

Trust me, the path is open to all to leave marks and go along
And peoples, carriages, animals all tramp likewise as always
Every time as I tend to start at the point, you left behind
The chimera upholds a comeback, an illusion from the battlefield 

A shadow never parts but disappears and reappears 
That’s same for the roads also, just separates but for a while 
But these are not the fittest examples at least for me
As my blank won’t be filled again as well

And the horizon will never come close 
Instead will extend to stretch my reach further to further
I can feel those unnerved and extend me for them
As they herald the commune of unbeliever’s notion

That we can’t come in the same line
Until we lose and miss our friends and beloveds
It’s time to come closer and softer to the affected
It’s true that we can’t avoid but sob one another

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