Welcoming Devi Durga

Welcoming Devi Durga

The dark clouds recede,
Vibrant rainbow decks the sky,
Golden star shines bright,
Wet earth dries, new life springs up,
Connotes Her homecoming.

The ripened harvests,
The vast fields of white flowers,
Stretches of pasture lands,
Sways at the tunes of the breeze,
Nature gleams as Ma steps in.

Killing Her demon,
She returns, victorious,
Celebrations, joy,
color the wind, as people
soak in rich festive fervor.

Beaming, cheerful faces
blowing conch shells, beating drums,
Women draped in red
and white sari,colorful

bangles adorning their wrists.

From wealthy to broke,
From young to old, these five days,
Ignoring all woes,
Each soul dances, cherishes,
Living each day with high hope.


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