What A Poem

What A Poem

A is for the amazing stories that the
Brilliant writers of this group
Concoct and wisely weave
Defying the challenges of the prompt.

E is for the elves of this platform
Fantastic they are all
Glad I am to be a part of this clique
Happy that I’ve finally found my space.

I is for the immense thrill we feel, when others
Judge and review our work; for, we are
Keen to learn and improve our craft, as
Life has given us a great chance.

M is for the masters of our tribe, who are
No less than the angels wise
Oft they share their thoughts to
Point the glitches that we need to mend.

Q is for our quest for knowledge
Rewarding it is when we learn each day
Striving we are to gain and bloom
To learn and excel for a better morrow.

U is for the umpteen times we edit, for,
Victorious we all want to be
Wishes fructify when others appreciate
Xenial or surly, we accept all, with love.

Young or old, everyone gets to share
Zenith we’ll reach through the voyage, edifying.

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