What Went Wrong?

What Went Wrong?

Dear Papa,

I am neither very eloquent with my feelings nor a prolific writer, but I can say in the simplest words that ‘I do love you’. Having lost mummy when I was seven years old, your love and warmth has always protectively enveloped me. Never once have I doubted your love.

You have never been vocal and demonstrative about your feelings but you have always been the solid rock I leaned against in times of trouble. I still remember how I annoyed you about everything after Mummy’s death. How you silently suffered. I have always lashed out at you at every opportunity. I feel sorry about it now.

Be it a difficult Mathematics problem, a Physics Ray diagram, a declamation competition or the doll’s broken arm –you have always been there for me.

A lot of heartbreaks in life were borne with stoic silence by you. The jovial smile, the wave and the nod never needed words to be understood.

I can still hear you humming ‘’Hey Jude, don’t make it bad…’ by Beatles or whistling the signature tune of the song “Ye shaam mastani, madhosh kiye jaye…”

I might have been Papa’s girl, but you cleverly moulded me into a strong, considerate and self-dependent girl. You never let success or loss affect me. You taught me to firmly and confidently hold my head high in spite of all the hardships.

You always told me, “Do not crack or crumble under pressure, but remain a picture of serenity and grace.”

Why then have things changed and you have turned aloof?

What went wrong?

I miss you.

With love,

Your daughter,


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