When I Met You

When I met you, flowers bloomed all around
Their fragile fragrance filled the frosty air
And thawed the white snows of weary winter
Like the sudden burst of colors in spring

When I met you, stars danced in the night sky
Their shimmering rays glowed in the welkin
And twinkled to the beating of my heart
Like the tree branches sway against the wind

When I met you, all creatures big and small
Sang their treasured songs in gay abandon
Even mountains and seas pirouetted
Like ballerinas performing on stage

When I met you, the angels in heaven
Sat giggling on the clouds, playing their harps
Even the lightning and the thunder hushed
Like the calm waters after the fierce storm.


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Rham Dhel

Rham Dhel is a vegan who dabbles in writing fiction. Her stories usually involve humans trying to find meaning in a world in disconnect with its animal inhabitants. She's an eco-child, a friend to all creatures, and a defender of the meek and mute beings of the wild.
Rham Dhel

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