When its Time to Part

When its Time to Part

You walked into my life
Against my wish, my fur babies
I squirmed, stomped and wanted you out
You stayed, I’m glad you did.
As days turned into weeks and months
My resistance turned into acceptance
What powers you hold, I fail to fathom
For your feline warmth worked it’s magic,
Thawing my frozen heart
And revealing that part of me
Whose existence I knew not,
A part that could love
And be loved like never before.
Your cuddles made me feel complete
Your mesmerising, green eyes spoke to me
In a dialect only the heart can decipher
How often I’ve felt, that destiny
Ushered you into my life
With a purpose and a plan,
To soothe my wounds and heal my pain
How often I’ve wondered if
We’ve been together in 
Another life, another realm.
Your purr is my calming music
Your presence is my Zen 
I want to cherish you forever,
But I’ve obligations to meet 
My helpless hands are chained
And I know we can’t be together for long, 
I pray for an angel in human form
To carry you away in loving arms
And give you the life you so deserve.
When the time comes for us to part
I’ll turn my heart to the hardest steel
And let you go, my precious darlings
To your forever abode of love.
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One thought on “When its Time to Part

  1. The only sad part of bringing a furry friend to your life is that you will outlive them …..you brought up the grief through your poem so we’ll.

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