When Life Gives a Second Chance

When Life Gives a Second Chance

“What will I do without Sid?” Swati said as she hugged Kabir at Sid’s funeral. She was wailing. He felt a tug at his heart.

It was love at first sight for Kabir.

Both of them had joined the same business school. Hopelessly shy, he could never convey his feelings to her. They became very good friends over a period of time.

And then came Sid, the flamboyant boy who wore his heart on his sleeve and swept Swati off her feet with his charm.

Sid and Swati got married three years ago. Kabir had ever since managed to stay away from their life.

“Sid had a heart attack. He is no more.” He received a call from a common friend. He started towards their place immediately.

His heart broke every time he looked at Swati. Her whole world had crumbled down. 

“Sid had complained of a little chest pain and asked for an antacid. When I came back, he was gone.” She told Kabir.

Kabir was a helping hand for all the ceremonies that took place in the coming days.

Sid was too carefree to have foreseen such a tragedy. He didn’t have any insurance. He had always single-handedly managed all monetary matters. Swati’s grief was aggravated by hopelessness and fear of her future. 

With a masters in business administration, she had managed a good job but had quit it to look after her son. He was seven months old now.

“Life is not always fair. God only knows his plans. But He never gives us more problems than we can handle. The point is not what we expect from life but what life expects from us. Life expects you to get back on your feet. Tomorrow holds many promises“ Kabir consoled Swati.

Once again, he failed to tell her how he felt about her. 

Months passed. Kabir helped Swati get back to her life. She was now looking after Sid’s business successfully. Her son had become extremely fond of Kabir.

“Papa, he called Kabir as he brought a car for his birthday.

There was a spark of hope in Swati’s parent’s eyes.

“Will you marry our daughter?” Her father asked.

Kabir looked at Swati and found her staring at him with hope in her eyes.

It was a simple court marriage followed by a small ceremony at the temple. Life had given a second chance to both. 

A fair one?

Kabir had met Sid for coffee the day he died. He had poisoned his coffee with oleander- a poison, the effect of which simulates a heart attack. Since it looked a natural death, no autopsy was conducted. Kabir was successful in his plan. Life is not always fair, you see.

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