When the Ashes Speak

When the Ashes Speak

He touched the pyre 
with his trembling hand…
Cold and settled -the ashes felt against his palm 
was somebody resting in peace?
Didn’t appear like one…
The tale of her ordeal was scribbled all over the bones..
Shivering skin..trembling hands…
Pale of her skin..moisture of her eyes
Pain..rushing through her soul 
Reaching her eyes
Frail yet so determined 
she put up the fight
A strange animal bearing eight legs
Four sets of eyes 
Four sets of hands
Shoved the seeds of their lust
In the deep abyss of her womb.
She protested
They rejected
She cried
They smiled
She howled 
They rejoiced
She dealt with the four legged ones
But these were the ones with two.

He touched the ashes 
And whispered with bitterness …”animals ..”
A strange whiff of breeze rustled through his ears ..
“I treated them …
they never behaved like these ..
I feared the two legged –
not the four legged ones 
They set me ablaze for their blood had turned “COLD”
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