When They Met Again!

When They Met Again!

Of all the people I had the misfortune to meet, I had to meet this one TWICE… Ravi thought, seething silently in irritation.

All he had wanted to, was to have a quiet, peaceful and relaxing dinner with his college-friend who had recently shifted to a new home which was in the same colony as Ravi’s. Little did Ravi expect that the door would be opened by none other than The Haughty Nay-sayer, as Ravi had nick-named her in anger and hurt, years ago. Never in his wildest nightmares had he imagined that the female whom his family had approached for a prospective alliance, years ago, and who had blatantly rejected him on several grounds (emphasis on ‘several’), would end up being his friend’s wife. Three decades had passed by since that fateful meet. Ravi, after meeting several prospective-brides-to-be, had finally learnt that he was not marriage-material. He had opted for perpetual bachelorhood. But some events of life were unforgettable (specially, events like being rejected for ‘coming off as too eager to please’; yes, the blasted female had cited this as one of the reasons for rejection). Ravi just hoped that he would be able to keep his cool and last throughout the dinner.


This was such a bad idea! Of all his friends, Shyam had had to end up near this one! Kavitha thought, shaking her head as she took in all the dishes she had prepared. And for whom!? This guy?! 

She looked at the watch. There was only so long she could dally in the kitchen. Resolutely, she set out, carrying a dish in her hand.

“Come on guys, help me out. There are more dishes to bring!” She said as she arranged the curry on the dining table.

“Still dominating, I see.” Ravi taunted her with a smirk. She placed her hands on her hips and glared at him.

Shyam looked at both of them in confusion. “Have you both met before?” Dual replies of ‘meet The Haughty Nay-sayer!’ and ‘meet The Over-Excited Clown!’ came forth as both Ravi and Kavitha gestured to each other. There was a moment’s pause as each one took in their nick-names.

“Ohhhh…” Shyam dragged out the syllables before bursting into laughter. “This dinner is going to be so interesting!” He chuckled and led a still-sulking Ravi towards the kitchen to help with the dishes.

“Have some bitter-gourd stir-fry!” Kavitha said, smiling innocently at Ravi who shook his head. The female had remembered that he had mentioned during their meet that he absolutely detested bitter-gourd. And on that note….

“How are you dealing with Leo and Tucky?” He casually leaned back on his chair with a smirk. She had mentioned to him that she didn’t want pets and yet, there were two dogs in their home. Two. He felt a perverse sense of vindictive pleasure while she shot daggers at him. 

Shyam’s shoulders shook in silent laughter. He reminded himself to arrange such entertaining dinners more often.
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