Whispers of Wanderlust, Freedom’s Tale

Whispers of Wanderlust, Freedom’s Tale

Through valleys and hills, I roam free,
Chasing dreams beneath the sky’s spree.
Whispers of winds, guiding my way,
Embracing life in its endless play,
Each step echoes, a tale to be told,
In the heart’s diary, memories unfold.

~Beneath the stars, my spirit flies~

Seeking truths in nature’s symphony,
Linked to the earth, yet so carefree.
Enigma of existence, ever bold,
In the book of life, my story’s scrolled,
A wanderer’s soul, forever in glee,
Bound to wander, forever wild and free.

~In the dance of time, destiny waltz I stride~

Through whispers of trees, secrets untold,
Moments entwined, a tapestry of gold,
Footprints imprinted where I’ve trod,
A canvas of life, each color spread,
In the fabric of space, I find my spree,
A wanderer’s heart, forever wild and free.


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