Who is Scary?

Who is Scary?


 Give me some space, dear drenched leaves! Ahaaa but must say the moist earth, its petrichor makes me break my aestivation, and come out in broad daylight. The slippery surfaces allow easy slithering of my scaly body. Look at the mist falling over the green paradise-like diaphanous curtains veiling the forest princess’s beauty!

How the fog envelopes the freshly bathe pines gently wrapping them in a warm embrace! Shy and coy, the foliage doesn’t shed the dewdrops of inhibition and holds them, dear to their hearts like pearls of identity.  Last night showers have washed off the murky cynicism that the hot, humid sun had forced upon this figment of nature. Soon there will be blooming of bright yellow flowers of elation.

HISSS…what am I seeing! Yellow dandelions already swaying in the flurry of wind! It will be ages till I reach the edge where this beauty enthrals itself in nature’s theatre. My lardy body scares million little crawlers. 

‘No, my beauties don’t scurry like this seeing my large body glide pass. I won’t harm you, because I ain’t hungry now, and you little minions won’t be even mouthful to me. Spare me the humiliation of being ghastly!’

Wait, wait!! What’s that going zigzag in the hills? Is the sun descending or falling on the slippery rocks?

Good gracious, these are those Hoooman car headlights forming kaleidoscopic images in my vision. How haphazardly is the vehicle being driven! Lost its mind with its control, the car seems to be juggling multiple hats. 


‘Hey you insensitive man, stop honking! It’s still dawn, and the birdies are nestled in feathery warmth. No, no, hold your horses unkind animal, why make a noise of your arrival?’

 Up and down, right and left, the car is running bizarre like drunk teenagers dancing to campfires. Oh, don’t remind me of that nuisance where forests have become hotspots for raving picnics. Snif. Snif. They kill our privacy and then kill us if one enraged reptile tries to retaliate.

BUMP! The car has almost collided on the bark. Still like a dead log. Only smoke emanates from the shuddering bonnet.

 Shhhhh… Someone’s emerging out from the possessed car. Holy-moly, they are three of them!

 Sturdy, unruly, masked men!

And what are they dragging along? 

Brown, with red marks….


She looks like Mogali in bits and parts- naked and raw. They are trudging her along. Why is she not screaming like the horns creating ruckus?

 ‘Wake up girl!’ 

She seems to be sleeping eternally. You rascals, leave her alone…. Hisssss…Ouch! They hit me with a stone! 

One of them is digging a pit; the damp earth allowing effortless digging.

 Tak tak tak…the pit is a grave! They bury her in. 

Gosh! What a grave crime! Covering her exposed body with mud, flattening it, they clap and pat each other for a job well done.

Now I ain’t going to spare these devils in human skin! Ruyard has already called me the Evil Ka, why not get evil now?

Hissssssss…here you go! As you laid her in beds of forced passion, now you will lie with her in death beds. 
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