Why I got separated?

Why I got separated?

Draped in a red and golden dress,
My heart was somewhere upset.

That was the day I waited for sure,
He was the one whom I always longed.

Had him right next to my door, with the cities best pomp and show,
Still, my head hit the thread, why should I go along? 

This is the home where I played and pranked,
Had loads of hugs like a princess from dad.

Mom pampered and punished as no one could  ever know,
I was proud when aunt said,” I am just like her clone”.

Then why to depart and create a new nest,
Why cannot I end here all the quest?

Left heart said yes, for the love of future,
Right one urged me to hold parents longer.

Mom and dad; my glorious treasure,
Never knew, leaving them would be the toughest measure.

Of course, wedlock gives you the sweetest thrills but unfortunately, the emotional separation kills. 

A daughter stays or goes house depart,
She leaves it back, which we call as the heart.
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