Will (I can and I will)

Will (I can and I will)

Mohit, a tall, lean, bespeckled guy, somewhere in his late teens, was packing his bags as he had to catch a train the next day to New Delhi. 

“Mohit beta, take this packet and keep it inside your bag”, his mother said, handing him a big packet.

“What is this maa?” Mohit asked, curiously checking its content.

“Just some homemade snacks for you.” Sarla replied, a little upset. 

The sound of the doorbell made Sarla go to the door. She opened the door and called out for Mohit, who came running from his room.

“Are you done with your packing son?” his dad Gautam asked as Sarla handed him a glass of water.

“Yes dad. Almost done” Mohit replied absentmindedly and sat next to his dad on the sofa.

They sat chatting for a few minutes and then Gautam went to his room to freshen up and change and Mohit got busy on his mobile. Sarla finished her kitchen work and then sat on the sofa next to Mohit. Just then the doorbell rang again. Mohit put his phone aside and went to open the door. It was his elder sister Rati.

“Hey di, you are very late today!” Mohit exclaimed teasingly to his sister.

“Yeah, I had an important meeting today,” Rati replied smiling. ” So, are you ready champ for a new beginning?” she excitedly asked. 

Both of them sat talking to each other. Sarla just sat there, looking at her two kids. Mohit and Rati were more like friends than siblings, they were each other’s confidant. Mohit never did anything without taking his sister’s suggestion, and Rati too loved her younger brother so much that she even went to the extent of hitting a boy who was bullying her little brother, this was when they were very young.

At the dinner table, the four of them were talking and laughing, discussing Mohit’s future, planning Rati’s wedding, and other random and light talks. They were a happy family. 

Gautam and Sarla Mohta were living in Uttar Pradesh with their kids. Theirs was a small, middle-class family. Gautam worked as a cashier at a private bank while his loving wife Sarla managed their home. His hardworking and obedient children Rati and Mohit were his lifelines. Rati was working in a reputed MNC. Mohit completed his ISC with distinction and got admission to a top engineering college in New Delhi. Mohit was not like the other boys of his age. Studies were his priority. He was smart and updated with current affairs. He aspired to be an IAS officer one day. At school, he was a part of the football team. His dance at their farewell party was still discussed amongst his classmates. Almost his entire school envied his talent. They tried to compete with him but no one was a match for the super-talented Mohit. He however wasn’t that great at dancing. When others found out about this, they challenged him to dance at their farewell. Having a go-getter attitude, Mohit practiced dancing the entire week before the party with the help of his dancer friends. His mind-blowing willpower to achieve anything in life made him dance like a pro at the party, making everyone watch in disbelief. For the engineering entrance examinations also Gautam’s relatives were not supportive, but Mohit cleared the examination with flying colours and got selected in a reputed college in Delhi.

The next day, everybody woke up early as Mohit was about to leave for Delhi. Mohit was ready to leave and his father escorted him to the station on his scooter.

The train was on time. Mohitboarded the train and within a few minutes the train started moving, Gautam and Mohit waved to each other till they became out of sight for each other. Gautam finally left the station and went back home.

Gautam reached home only to see Sarla crying and Rati consoling her, they had already started to miss Mohit. Gautam was equally upset, but he quietly went to his room, not wanting to show his feelings. After some time they started doing their daily chores. Soon Rati and Gautam were off to their office and Sarla was busy with her household chores. 

Engineering College 

Mohit reached his college, finished all the formalities and then took his room keys and went to his room. They had two hostel buildings, one for the first year and second-year students and the other for the third year and fourth year ones. 

Mohit reached his room and knocked at the door of his room, another first-year student opened the door, Mohit entered his room to find that both his roommates had already unpacked their belongings. He took the last unoccupied bed and sat down.

“Hi Welcome. I’m Romi,” the boy who had opened the door for him, smiled and stretched his hand towards Mohit. 

“Hi I’m Mohit.” he replied smiling back and shook hands with him. The other boy also came to these two and introduced himself. “Hi Mohit. Welcome, I’m Veer. Mohit waved at him, feeling at ease with both his roommates. There were three beds in each room, the rooms were quite big and airy, as they had four windows. Mohit made himself comfortable on his bed, and got busy unpacking. After he was done, Mohit went to freshen up. By 8:45 pm the three of them were free and ready to go to the hostel mess for dinner. They locked their room and proceeded towards the mess.

“Guys, be careful tonight. I have heard the seniors of this college are very rude and harsh” Romi spoke up scared. 

“Yes, even I have been warned about the same.” replied Veer. “ I have heard a lot of stories of ragging from my friend’s cousins who have studied here.”

“I’m not afraid of anyone.” Mohit replied nonchalantly. “Moreover, ragging is illegal and banned. If it’s needed I will complain to the hostel and college authorities.” he added confidently.

Talking about random stuff and laughing, they reached the mess and had their dinner. They met a few other newcomers who would be their classmates. The mess was all noisy with the laughing and giggling sound of all the first year students.

A sharp bell rang at 9:50 pm so they all went back to their rooms. All three of them reached their room and sat on their beds. They had already become comfortable with each other. Mohit called his mother, and spoke to his family for some time. While Mohit was talking to his family, his roommates were talking to each other, Mohit finished his call and joined their conversation. They talked about their families, where they came from, about this college etc. By eleven they were off to sleep.

The next day, the three of them woke up early and got ready as they had their orientation early in the morning  as it was their first day in the college. They left for their college which was a two minutes’ walk from their hostel. As soon as they entered the college gate they were stopped by a senior “Fresher?” he enquired.

 “Yes,” replied three of them in unison.

“Come. Follow me,” the senior ordered them.

“But we have our orientation now.” Informed Mohit confidently.

“Yes, that is why I am taking you to the main auditorium.” The senior sneered.

They followed him quietly. The three of them understood that they were being trapped for ragging. They reached the back of the college and the senior stopped there. There were other first-year students also. Some were singing, some dancing, and some were doing sit-ups by holding their ears. Veer and Romi became nervous.

“Boss presenting you with three more jokers” shouted the senior who had brought them and laughed.

A man turned to the voice, he looked much older. He had failed twice so he looked older than the others. Everyone called him Raka, his actual name was Rakesh Mishra. The one who had brought them to Raka was Sundarlal Pandey, or Sabu as everyone called him. A few more seniors were there torturing the other freshers. Mohit noticed a senior sitting at a corner smoking. He was Sameer. His friends called him Sammy. He was disinterestedly watching his gang torture the freshers. Raka came towards Mohit, Veer and Romi and asked them to introduce themselves. Then he ordered Sabu to take the three of them to the other groups, Romi in dancing, Veer to the group that was acting like a cock, and Mohit to the group that was doing sit-ups. Mohit disagreed to go. He stood in front of Raka confidently. This made Raka uncomfortable so he spat on his shoes and asked Mohit to clean them with his handkerchief. Mohit disagreed with this also. Raka lost his temper, slapped him on his face and forced him to clean it. But Mohit pushed him and Raka fell. As he fell down, everyone became quiet as all the other students stopped and stared at the two of them. Raka was filled with rage, his eyes were red, he was about to hit Mohit but just then Sammy came running and shouted: “Run guys the watch dogs are coming.” 

All the seniors started running. The watchmen of the college came running, whistling, all the seniors ran from the back gate of the college, and the first years were left standing there. The watchmen directed all the students to the auditorium where their orientation was about to start. 

After their orientation, Mohit and his roomies went to their hostel. “Yaar today was supposed to be a memorable day for us, but that Raka spoiled it all,” said Romi dejectedly.

“Yes bro, that Raka is not finished yet. He got furious when Mohit pushed him that too in front of so many freshers and his gang. Mohit you be careful for a few days, he will surely take his revenge,” Veer worriedly warns.

The next few weeks went without any problems. One day Mohit’s lectures got over early, but Veer and Romi had their lectures. So Mohit was alone while going to the hostel. He had hardly exited the college gate when Raka and Sabu came in front of him. “Hey chocolate boy. You love to fight hun? How dare you push me?” Raka jerked him angrily.

“I didn’t mean to push you. It just happened in the heat of the moment, and I’m sorry for what happened,” Mohit replied politely. He was genuinely sorry for that day.

“Oh. You are sorry?” Raka laughed. “Sabu he is sorry. Let us give him another chance” he looked at Sabu.

“So little boy you are sorry for your deed, right?” Raka looked at Mohit with raised eyebrows. Mohit just nodded looking down.

“Ok. Then you have to prove it, you have to do my assignments” Raka smiled maliciously. Mohit agreed to do his assignments, just to end this matter. He really thought this would end here.

He was then allowed to return to his room. Veer and Romi were already waiting for him. He told them everything that had happened. After that day, Raka constantly followed him and forced him to do his college work. He never left a chance to torture him.

Over the next few weeks, Mohit got very busy as he had to attend lectures, extra lectures, do his assignments and Raka’s assignments too. He gave Raka his assignments. 

A few days later Sabu and his friends entered Mohit’s room and took him to Raka’s room. That day Raka took his revenge. He asked him to clean his toilet, but Mohit disagreed. Raka started beating him, he was hitting him repeatedly, Sammy feared that Raka might kill him. So he decided to intervene and stopped him, “What are you doing? Stop it. He will die,” Sammy worriedly moved Raka away. Mohit was lying there unconscious.

When Mohit opened his eyes, he found himself lying on the streets. He got up and staggered to his hostel. He fell on his bed as soon as he reached his room. He recounted everything to his worried roomies. They helped him to a nearby hospital for dressing.

The next day Mohit went to the Dean’s office and complained to him about Raka and his friends. The Dean was furious. He summoned all of them to his office and suspended them for fifteen days.

Raka was so pissed that he planned to murder Mohit, he was waiting for an opportunity. He got this opportunity after two days when Mohit was alone while returning to his hostel. Raka and Sabu forcibly put him inside his jeep. They took him to some lonely place. Sammy saw them taking Mohit out of the college and he was sure that Raka would not leave Mohit today, he was sure he would kill him, so he called the police anonymously and informed them.

Both of them beat Mohit, he tried to fight them but he was no match for the two of them. Raka finally took an iron rod and hit him hard. Mohit’s head started bleeding and he got unconscious. Even after that, they continued to hit him on his legs and hands. Only when they heard a police mobile van’s siren that the two of them ran from there. Policemen had tracked Mohit’s mobile so they reached where he was. They saw him lying there in a pool of blood. They took him to the nearest hospital. They then sent a team to his college and informed the Dean. The Dean in-turn informed his parents who reached Delhi the very next day. Mohit had two surgeries, but still, he wasn’t out of danger.

The doctor said his condition was so critical that he might slip into a coma. Meanwhile, the police started the investigation and with the help of Mohit’s friends and CCTV footage of the college, started the search of Raka and Sabu who was last seen with Mohit.

The next morning Sarla noticed some movement in Mohit’s body. She ran to call for the doctor. The doctor checked him and smiled “This is a miracle. I must say he has got a very strong willpower for survival, your son is a fighter Mr Mohta.” Mohit’s condition was stable now, the next day he regained consciousness and smiled seeing his family and friends. 

Mohit gave his statement against Raka and Sabu. He told them that they took him out of the college and beat him and tried to kill him. Police were already on the lookout for Raka and Sabu.

The next day the doctor called Gautam in his chamber and informed him that Mohit was hit hard on his backbone so he won’t be able to walk anytime soon. However, with time and physiotherapy, he could walk again. 

A few days later Mohit was discharged from the hospital, and his parents took him back home. Mohit’s physiotherapy started and his condition improved unexpectedly fast, his love for studies, his strong willpower to go to his college again and his “never say never” attitude helped him heal.

Soon Mohit could walk on his own feet without any support and he was adamant to return to his college. 

Veer and Romi decorated their room and welcomed Mohit. “Welcome fighter,” shouted Veer and Romi as soon as Mohit entered his room. They celebrated Mohit’s return with cakes, food and drinks. His other batch mates also joined the celebration. They enjoyed that night to the fullest. 

The next day after college, the three of them went to the police station for the updates.

They were informed that a few days after Mohit left for his home, Raka and Sabu got arrested and they were blacklisted from getting admission to any college. Moreover, a legal case had been filed against them by their Dean.

Mohit was very moved by all these ragging episodes. He, along with his two friends, started a campaign named “Ragging – a menace”, which was against ragging. At First, he started it at his college. It soon gained popularity in other colleges across the city. They used social media as their weapon, to fight this nuisance of the society.  Now his only wish was to eradicate this evil from society.

A lot of hurdles and obstacles came their way but Mohit did not stop. They started the campaign with three people but after a few months there were three hundred of them. Mohit became the leader of this campaign. Mohit and his campaign became so popular that not only students but parents and teachers also supported him. Sammy also joined hands with Mohit to support him in this campaign.

Mohit soon started getting invitations from different colleges for giving speeches and lectures on “ragging – a menace”. Hence his simple will to fight this evil, helped not only him but a lot of students in the long run
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