Winged Wonders

Winged Wonders

The birds flying, flapping with  excitement
Soaring into the skies pristine 
To the yonder realms of enchantment…

Into the heavenly regions divine 
The feathered friends fly in a  delightful formation 
Soaring into the skies pristine….

They swing and dive with a fascination 
Cutting across the astral heights 
The feathered friends flight, a  delightful formation ..

Swaying to the winds might
The winged creatures swoon a while
Cutting across the astral heights…. 

Enjoying the freedom of the lofty miles 
Moving on the  puffy white mounds  
The winged creatures swoon a while…. 

Lifting and floating, enjoying the cerulean bounds
Hovering in the serene realms  of the  azure skies 
Moving on the  puffy white mounds  
These birds of joy, are blessed with a freedom in the highs.
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