Winter is Here

Winter is Here

Winter has arrived 
It’s time to adjust with it. 
O winter you have your own charm. 
It’s the time for travel and picnic. 
Needles hooks I gather from the self
Knitting I should start for the loved ones. 
It will give them respite from cold. 
Winter brings cold and woollens a galore. 
Cold wind is here so also the sun. 
Plants are swaying with flowers on top. 
We are enjoying as we have enough to cover
Think of them who shiver without warm cloths. 
Is it good we in warmth and they in cold ?
How I wish they should all be covered. 
Let me start small in my own way, at least one blanket
to the one sleeping bare on the foot path. 
His sound sleep will satisfy me. 
There is pleasure in giving, believe me. 
O winter I am taking a pledge on your name
Each year I will try my best to cover a needy.
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