Winter Love

Winter Love

after these many years of grey
where I missed myself in solitude
a feeling of exuberant infatuation aroused within
as the winter breeze blew 
and the magic in the air filled with fragrance of love
with few wiry grey strands of hair
was I sitting on a concrete bench
under the barren branches of the oak tree
remembering our blurry conversations
by the mountains on the far side of the valley
your voice still lingered in the air warm and sensual
sparks buzzed through my body 
as the flakes of snow tingled my cheeks
warmness surged all over me when I felt your hand in mine
those beautiful days when we danced in the fading amber sunlight
where our love started to grow
the promises we made to cherish it till the last breath
I felt I was living a perfect moment that which did not last long
everything seemed to be slipping away from me 
just like a thick sheet of snow falling from the roof top
sadness laced my every word reminiscing about it
the concrete bench became chiller with the gust of cold wind
as I reeled back from where my mind had wandered
holding tears of pain, I moved on to light the logs
that kept the flame of my love burning

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