Winter Love

Winter Love

As Autumn sets off, 
It’s time for winters,
With the falling snow, 
It’s time for some warmth.

Misty mornings, 
Sunny days, 
And cool nights,
With a blanket wrap. 

A cup of warm tea, 
And armful of warmth, 
Loads of love, 
And a warm hug, 
That’s winter showering love. 

Watching Misty mornings,
And the snow clad mountains, 
Sends shiver down the spine,
It’s cool, pleasing the heart, 
Its winter with all it’s might. 

Wrap the blanket of love, 
Warmth and joy around,
It’s the month of merry, 
With Christmas in the end, 
Sending joy, warmth and love 
For the new year, 
Yet to come. 
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