Winters are Here

Winters are Here

Winters are here,
Snow will be there everywhere,
Mountains are now glaciers,
One over one, there will be so many icy layers.

Polar bears,  go and hibernate,
That is what is written in your fate,
Come on cherries, sit on my plate,
Bugs, time for you to find your soul mate

Apple pies being ready to bake,
Children seen devouring them near the lake,
Falling from the sky are pristine snowflakes,
In this season, smiles are definitely not fake.

The world around me looks so snowy white,
I just admire this heavenly sight
With snowballs, kids love to play and fight
I just wish pity for homeless people’s plight.

Santa Claus says ho-ho-ho,
Give gifts this season even to your foe,
Sit on the sledge and slide in the snow,
But don’t forget to cover yourself from head to toe.


Please note: This poem has been submitted by Pooja Gupta’s 11-year-old daughter, Saumaya Gupta

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