Wish Them Away

Wish Them Away

Black clouds not allowing anything to pass through. The cold empty darkness, 

swallowing up everything it touched, leaving freezing trails of grief and sorrow. Sharp tendrils creeped into small crevices, checking if anyone had been hiding. From a balcony perched on a castle in the sky, Pain with a crown on his head stood with pride. He had conquered the capital. Now he was in control of the country. 

A cloaked figure, came forward. “Your majesty, I have my trails everywhere, and nearly all Positives has been captured.”

“What do you mean nearly ,Sad? I want all Positives captured. Or are you not feeling  up to the task because your twin brother, the other Sad has sided with the Positives?” The ruler asked.

“No sir.” Sad gave a bow. I said nearly because there is only one left who is free. 

That’s Wish. But we will catch him soon, don’t worry. What can Wish do by itself?” 

“I have faith in you. Continue your task.” He said.

As he left, Anger appeared and kneeled on one leg. 

“Ahh… Anger, my chief destroyer. What do you have to report?”

“My lord, my tendrils of rage have searched everywhere. As Sad may have told to you, only Wish is missing, otherwise every other Positive is in our custody. I wanted permission to go to my next phase which is to destroy anything they have ever built.” Anger stated. Then he left.

Bit of the clouds came down and joined to make a figure of a man. “My master…” a hissing voice rasped.

“Lie, Has the danger passed? Have they noticed anything?” 

“I came here to tell you that my clouds are hiding the truth from the parents, they have passed suspecting nothing.” Lie croaked.

“Keep on working, and do the same thing.” Pain nodded.

After he dissolved, Pain felt someone’s presence on his right and whipped to check. Something brushed past and went to the left. The conqueror turned to the left. 

Seconds later…

A jarring scream erupted from the front and Pain found himself face to face with the scariest thing possible. Fear himself.

“You are good at your job Fear, I will give you that.” 

“Thank you your honour, I merely came to tell you that everything is perfect, the darkness is as thick as possible and I just couldn’t resist the chance of scaring you.” Fear cackled and blew away.

King Pain looked down from the balcony. An evil smile rocked his lips.

Listening to all of this was Wish. He had hidden right behind Pain’s balcony. No one would dare to search his quarters, so Wish had figured that this would be the perfect place to hide. 

He knew they were wrong, he could do anything alone. Because all great dreams sparked with a wish to do it.

He would cure this depression. He was the speck of light in this darkness. He would make the tween’s mind joyful again.

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