With you, always!

With you, always!

My dear Baba, 

It’s been a week that we hospitalised you. Last Sunday, when your vitals dipped low, we had no option but to admit you. You held my hands, silently pleading with us not to send you away. I know how the needles and the syringes scare you. I know the nights are long, dark and dreary. But, I had to be strong. 

It’s hard to bear the sight of your prostrate body, with numerous tubes running in and out. The man, who has always been a pillar to me, needs to be hugged and kissed now, to keep him going. The same man needs me to wipe away his tears. 

Today, when I saw you trying to sit on your own, I was filled with joy. ‘Few more days, baba and we will be home, celebrating’, is what I told you. Yes baba, I never thought we would not cut a cake or raise a toast on this day. I never knew that the only gift on this day would be a careful hug, lest I hurt you. 

Remember baba, when I fell down from the cycle, you lifted me up and told me to keep trying. You said you will be right behind me. If I fall, you will catch me. I never fell after that cos I knew I had you with me. You have always told me to keep my chin high and face everything with courage. 

Let me tell you, there is hope and sunshine just around the corner. Be brave, baba. We are here and waiting for you. Stay strong and emerge stronger. We have a long fight ahead. 

Love you Baba

Your second born,

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