Woman, Unbound

Woman, Unbound

My birth is met with a tired sigh and a tear
To the world, I’m a piece of flesh to tear
As I grow, my innocent soul feels sore
For, my spirit, it is never allowed to soar! 

Each day I watch my brother have my fare,
It’s not right, it’s not done, it’s not fair!
Yet, early on, I learn not to raise
my voice; my hopes, I have to raze

Jibes  taunts and curses, I’ve heard them all
No matter they pierce, as sharp as an awl
Smiling, I chart my own destiny’s course,
Ignoring the stares and words so coarse

Clawing my way to the top, now I stand,
Vindicated by my beliefs and my stand,
I bleed, I bruise, but conquer and achieve this feat
Today the world that shunned, is finally at my feet!
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4 thoughts on “Woman, Unbound

  1. A fantastic write from a vibrant, multi-talented Superwoman who has the world at her feet today

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