Nemesis those words running into lines
I wasn’t going to befriend them to be
That I would have to mould them along
Sent chills down my spine, that thought

Had fallen out with them over time
They’d been the ones to help me evolve
Blank lines, an eyesore for those that taught
‘Outstanding’ I was, over those few years

Managed to gather them again over time
Sheaves used, to pour them onto
Bringing smiles to the faces that read 
Those words, I managed to draw feelings with

Left them behind, only the gab was needed
No ink would have to be drawing them
Would never need a pen to help me project
Left me lone, not knowing what was amiss

And then I figured, that ink was life
Those words, my soul could bring forth and how
Not looking back now, since I’ve found my calling
Word-o-philia, till death do us part
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