“Hey!! Where are you?? It’s been one hour since you went out. I haven’t heard anything from you again?? You know, I have found an interesting video about the U.F.O.’s. You always tell me that aliens don’t exist. If you see this, you would agree with me. Haha!!”. I was about to send this message to my roomate but all of a sudden my internet connection got disconnected because of the power outage. I was sitting alone in a dark room with the phone in my hand. The video which I saw regarding the aliens astonished me and I was eager in sending the message to her. I waited for a hour but still there wasn’t electricity. I felt the environment bizarre for a moment. I was accompanied by silence. I turned the flashlight on to see what was happening. I went outside and looked up at the sky. It was brunette and smokey as if there was an emission of gas into the air. From a distance, I heard a voice. When I looked back, there was a silhouette of someone. I couldn’t see what it was precisely. But the voice was coming out of it. It said, “Thank you for everything. You won’t understand anything now. Don’t be afraid. Nothing is going to happen. I will always remember you and would cherish the memories of us. It’s time for me to leave. Don’t search for me and you won’t find any trace.” I was befuddled and there was excessive smoke than before. I started coughing and it became severe. I couldn’t stand and kneeled down on the ground. I opened my eyes forcefully and there was nothing other than the smoke. I noticed a few wide lights in the sky as if those were from a singular object. My eyes had a burning sensation and I was unable to bear the pain. I became unconscious. After a while, I woke up and I was on my bed. I looked at my phone and it had the connection. I tried to message and call my roommate but there wasn’t any account of her on social media. I tried to reach her through a call. Every time I tried, the call was disconnected. I have called one of the hostel authorities to check on her. I sounded insane to them. All her belongings in the room weren’t there. I was in desolation. I checked the pictures in my gallery which I had taken with her. But there was only me in it. For a second, I was out of the world. The environment seemed discombobulate. Then I sat on her bed and closed my eyes for a moment thinking that I was dreaming. I opened my eyes assumpting that I would get back to normal. It was the same and I felt it unreal. Then, I found a note lying next to her bed saying, “I believe you. They do exist. We exist.”
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