WWW – The Three Women of My Life

WWW – The Three Women of My Life

The first one to make me smile
The first one to see my smile 
The heart that always beats for me
The mind that always thinks for me
There is no one to replace her
They don’t make any more like my mother

~When I thought, I could admire no one else

She has unwavering trust in me
She has vested her life with me
Our lives and heart are intertwined
Forever in an enchanting soul bind
The way she accepts me and my family
Wifey, for my adulation, there is no apt simile

~When I thought, I could love no one else

She was born a bit premature
Many hardships she had to endure
She is my living and loving miracle
She sits on my love’s pinnacle
Daughter, meaning to my life you bring
Soar high, with my hands as your wing(s)


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2 thoughts on “WWW – The Three Women of My Life

  1. Amazing Dinu, “soar high with my hands as your wings ‘ wow brilliant
    and as she soars you soar too as you are intertwined… Loved it, keep writing dear

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