Yakshi in us deserves to live

Yakshi in us deserves to live

Sita asked me why
Draupadi slapped me on my face
I can still hear what they said!
Why am I still here
Shouldn’t I walk out
Why didn’t I when I was supposed to
Why am I regretting now?
Weeks, months and years passed,
but not the words
which has penetrated deep
in my mind, leaving me at the edge.
Stranded and confused am
Unaware Which path to travel.
Came so far expecting you might
understand someday,
but it’s only in a fairytale wedding!

I trust building a castle in the air
but not in your words.
Love to you was a tool
to gratify your needs through me.
It was late for me to
realise that it’s a mirage am living in!
How can I quench my thirst
When am throttled every second 
with your battalion of words.
Not only with my psyche, you played
with my body too.
Doctors said illegal
But didn’t you find it’s a “She”?
You already killed one within.
Not again I can let you 
take a part of Me!

“She” deserves to live.
Enough said the Sita,
Move on said Draupadi.
Here am the Yakshi, who
has found her own path,
reflecting the reflections
to reflect within me and her,
Because Yakshi in us deserves to live!
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