Yama’s Downtime

Yama’s Downtime

Not many immortals dared do that, but Yama, the God of Death at the moment was filled to the brim. It was not like somebody could kill him. Who’d come for his soul? Who’d play his role? He stormed into Indra’s royal court. 

Indra narrowed his eyes and stood up to demand his purport. He noticed Yama’s flushed face and his ragged breathing. 

‘Lord Yama, what brings you to my court today?’ he said seething. 

‘I think you better call the other three too,’ he said through clenched teeth, ‘I will only say it one time.’ He then promptly contradicted myself and muttered, ‘I want a vacation?’ looking away as if asking for it was a crime. 

‘What?’ Indra uttered, with rising unease that couldn’t be quelled. 

Yama raised his head and glared at Indra, ‘I want a VACATION,’ he yelled.

Indra decided to call the triumvirate before things got out of hand. It wasn’t like they had to deal with Mumbai traffic, so they arrived within moments, even though this meeting was unplanned. 

After Indra had greeted them properly, he began, ‘Lords, Lord Yama here,’ he pointed a finger at Yama as he said so, ‘wants a vacation.’

‘How can that be, people die all the time and someone needs to collect their souls,’ chittered Brahma in agitation. 

Shiva arched an eyebrow.

Vishnu chuckled and drawled, ‘None of us take a vacation and we won’t allow.’ 

‘But you do go to celestial soirees,’ he said triumphantly and saw four smiles disappear. ‘Don’t think I don’t know.’

It was a great line to throw. They realized they had walked right into that trap, ask for the moon and you shall get the sky. 

‘None of your workload equals mine, you know why? Humanity has been burgeoning and while there are thousands of you, there is only one God of Death. Think about it while you take a breath. You have a puppet who does your wet work,’…  

They cringed at the word, but none refuted, for his was a necessary presence.

…‘I am a contract killer in essence. You decide who dies, then it’s up to me to get the job done. Who fraternizes with criminals, none. That’s why I’m never invited to your soirees,’ Yama accused. 

After a moment of complete silence, save for Yama’s harsh breathing, the four Lords looked at each other confused. They knew it was time for damage control. A pact was made, that Yama could refuse if he so wished, to pick-up a soul. Yama knew it was a small victory and that he would’ve to get back to work full-speed some time. Then there were creative ways to complete the quota like unleashing a pandemic…but he will figure that out after some downtime.

On the other hand, the foolish mortal thought that his science was making advances and they were saving and elongating lives, doing a good deed. 

But remember, everyone returns to their job full-speed.


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