Yellow and White

Yellow and White

O Yellow! Thy playmate is the bright shiny sun
It splashes, splays, submerges and with you has fun
Majestic sunrises, stunning sunsets fill us with glee
Darkness with its yellow and orange it does shun.

Borrow a little yellow in summer, does the Amaltas tree
Looks splendid, in gold danglers, green dress those three
Bees buzz, hummings’ hum a song on a musical lyre
Accept that yellow in winter, did my wedding saree.

Dressed in yellow, my hand in his, around the holy fire
To be there for each other as partners we did aspire
Ours was a slow burn, not a love at first sight
But our vows, our love, Lord may it never expire.

O Yellow! You turn my days gay and bright
When the rains come visiting you should see my plight
For you yellow, your warmth and caress, I yearn, I pine
My dearest yellow, you are yellow and I am white.
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