Yellow Day at Kindergarten

Yellow Day at Kindergarten

Chirping like a merry bird, walked in my four-year-old,
‘Tomorrow is a yellow day’, her class teacher had told.
I racked my brain for ideas to dress the little one,
My to-do list of pending chores had to be put on hold.

What best can I improvise without the need to run,
To that craft store miles away to fetch paper and gum?
Mango, daisy, candle flame or a yellow golden ray
How about a costume of the rising morning sun?

Without a worry, without a care, she laughed and hopped away,
Joined her troop of tiny friends in the park to play.
The daunting task was mine alone, I sat down with a sigh
My clueless head drew a blank, I shook it in dismay.

Her dad peeked at my sullen face from the corner of his eye,
He joined me in the project, the hours went ticking by.
Next day the fruit of our labour was there for all to see
Our charming little sunflower beamed like a cutie pie.
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