Yellow Hued

Yellow Hued

Yellow n frayed at  the edges, I’ve already become,
The bright green over, the dull brown yet to come
A life well loved n lived, no longer in best of form
A little smile, a hand extended, is so welcome!

I’ve swayed with the breeze, flirted with the storm
I’ve often been wild, straining against the norm
By the winds of life, I’ve been tossed and turned
Yellow the colour of ageing, I’ve never shied from!  

Life’s been a rollercoaster, I’ve been tried and tested
Sometimes wholly accepted, at times sharply rejected
I want to forget the shards of piercing pain
I just want to treasure the nuggets I’ve collected!

Yellow leaves have less to lose, more to gain
The best is yet to come, I repeat as a refrain!
A lot to give, soaked in love, the rest of life to live
Yellow leaves can show you the way once again!

* * *

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