Yellow Journalism : The Bitter Truth of Media

Yellow Journalism : The Bitter Truth of Media

In a country of billion, everyone wants to make a million
Unfair, unrealistic and immoral, everything is being served to a civilian
Imprisoned by profit, media is plagued by sensationalism
News these days is generally based on a Journalist’s own opinion

Eye catching headlines and illegitimate news is what we call Yellow Journalism
Non-issues are portrayed as real issues & people are being fooled for their emotionalism
The fourth pillar of democracy is taking its viewers for granted
And is unethically promoting Jingoism in the name of nationalism

Investigative Journalism has taken a back seat and facts are being planted
An exaggerated, distorted and perverted version of events is being ranted
Yellow Press has marked an era where little or no research is done
Paid news is given more importance and actual news is being slanted

Media regulation is the need of hour, but, the code of conduct is none
They scandalize every other thing to give their channels a run
Lets not allow media to hide behind the garb of freedom of speech
We as vigilant readers should bring press to heel stand together as one

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