You can

You can

The world will tear you down child,
You’re not tough.
Wake up and see, you’re so mild,
Life is just so rough.

Days pass by, tears even,
As you trudge along the dreary path.
But you still can’t see any reason ,
To avoid all the wrath.

You simply feel it’s just how it is,
Or maybe you think you deserve it.
Can’t you see what you will miss,
If you didn’t just run and quit?

I tell you now, get up,
You are all your worth
For you are strong enough,
Greet life on Earth.

Zarteina Antao
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One thought on “You can

  1. You Can is a poem that speaks the truth and encourages children to be strong, especially the kind of world that they are going to live in. However, the poem would have been powerful had you “shown” not tell. For example, you mentioned about dreary path and wrath but you haven’t described what dreary path that the child needs to trudge and what wrath does she need to avoid. The readers are left to imagine and assume the things that you wanted to show rather than making the poem clearer to them.

    Nevertheless, the poem shows the poetess’s effort to pen a poem that brings a crucial message to the world. Keep writing for more.

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