You Complete Me

You Complete Me

When our life felt strenuous and tiresome,
Those two magic lines ushered happiness,
A glowing Me smiling at gleeful He,
Welcomes the priceless blessing of the Lord.
Wait of nine months and unbearable pain,
Blessed us with the Apple of our eyes,
The happiest day in my life till date,
When your cries made me smile, your wails brought joy.
The tiny, skinny fingers touched my face,
Droplets of love and joy rolled down my cheeks,
Trust in those innocent eyes beckoned me,
You grew in my womb yet you gave me birth.
Latching to dining  we mastered each stage,
Your babbles replaced words, your pranks doubled,
Past three years been an adventurous ride,
With hugs, scolds, love, yells, journey continues.


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