You Made Me What I Am Today

You Made Me What I Am Today


It feels a bit odd to write to you. Our relationship is a very vocal one. We both love to talk, I’m sure you would agree with that. So why this letter, you may wonder. Well, its father’s day, I wanted to do something different for you, something that I had never done before, hence the letter.

You know I am a strong woman, you raised me to be so. I don’t think I have ever thanked you for that. Well, I hadn’t thought from this perspective before, after all you are my dad, you were supposed to raise me well. Now, that I have children of my own and both of them girls, I often have people telling me, how much I must miss having a son.  And this has always set me thinking about you. I was your first child, a girl. Yet, never in my entire childhood did you treat me any different than my brother. On the contrary, I got more of you in everything, than my brother. You always held my opinion, my thoughts, my choices, my preferences of utmost value. I cannot remember a single instance, where I thought any less of myself because I was a girl.

I only came to know about stereotyping of gender roles, once I stepped out of our home. How would I have known about it, I had seen you doing all sorts of chores, be it setting the bed, or polishing our shoes, or making tea for mom, or combing my hair, or washing the dishes. You did it all, you raised me to believe that being a girl doesn’t mean that I have to be confined to the kitchen.

You made me what I am today and what my daughters will be tomorrow.




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