You will always be alive in me!

You will always be alive in me!

The advent of spring, blossoms memories in my heart,
Of that night, sprinkled with stars, you chose to depart.

Remembrances of your pained smile still pierce my soul,
Part of me left with you, never again will I be whole

Sorrow gnaws at my heart, there seems no way to heal,
My love for you was my worship, my loss of faith, none can feel

Your voice reverberates deep inside me, but I long to hear it aloud
Once more I yearn to see your face, though not covered in shroud

Atop your shoulders I saw the world, my place of calm they were too,
I wish to cry on them once more, once more I wish to be hugged by you

Words unsaid, yet my thoughts, your heart always knew,
“I miss you” my heart says now, can you hear my words, up in heaven too?

Your absence though I feel each day, death can’t separate you and me,
Papa, you reside in my soul, you will always be alive in me.


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