Like butterfly wings
Hanging on the eyes of spring
In sweet symphony
Your smile emblazons my days
Until stars swell the dark skies

Like fragrant flowers
That bloom in the green garden
In harlequin hues
You paint my world prismatic
And flood my life with laughter

Like blazing fires
That burn through the coldest night
Your gentle embrace
Warms my quivering body
Until dawn breaks and birds tweet

Like crimson sunsets
That welcome the crescent moon
Your unswerving love
Deepens as time passes by
And fills my heart with rapture.


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Rham Dhel

Rham Dhel is a vegan who dabbles in writing fiction. Her stories usually involve humans trying to find meaning in a world in disconnect with its animal inhabitants. She's an eco-child, a friend to all creatures, and a defender of the meek and mute beings of the wild.
Rham Dhel

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One Thought to “You”

  1. Firstly Congrats… a magnificent one…speechless.. what a portrayal of love… nature describes your love… awesome…just that..

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