Your Mesmerizing Eyes

Your Mesmerizing Eyes

They hold me captive 
And they imprison me
Every second of the hour 
They tend to mesmerize  
My heart melts when I peer into them
Your beautiful, soulful eyes

At times they try to hold back
Many an impending storms
At times with their calmness
They manage to hypnotize
They tease me and they lure me
Your bewitching, alluring eyes

They often look at me gently
And caress my tired soul
Mysterious and magnetic
As towards them, they entice
They draw the known from the unknown
Your dreamy, mischievous eyes

Tears of happiness and sadness
They often hold within
They narrate a beautiful story
Of memorable  journey of your life
Helpless I am as I have fallen prey
To your expressive and poetic eyes

Million words of silence
That no one seems to understand
Love and tenderness they portray
Like the endless skies
They cast a spell and never betray
Your devoted, spirited eyes

They are a window to your immortal soul
Purity of a virgin’s kiss they symbolize
Deepest secrets they hold within
A million semblances they disguise
No veil over them can eclipse the truth
Your virtuous, devout eyes
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