A Dog’s Tale

A Dog’s Tale

Emperor Rob sat entertaining his grandson.

“I want to listen to my favorite story once again,” said the little one.

Obliging, Rob began, “Long ago, one rainy night, the clouds clashed and spewed lightning.

“Rrroooooar, Clllllassssssshhhhh

“I was drenched. I ran to an abandoned tree house in the woods. I quickly climbed up the rickety stairs hoping to stay warm and dry. 

“Creeaaak, Creaaaak

“ As I settled in a corner, lights flashed from the sky. 


“The roof of the tree house parted and the skies opened. I howled in fear, HOOOOOOO,” Rob said dramatically

“ZOOM…I went up flying in the skies. When I woke up  I thought it was all a silly dream. When I stepped out, the woods were gone. The tree house stood on a lone tree. Then, I knew I was in a different land, in a different galaxy. 

“I was tired and parched so when I saw some sparkling liquid on the ground I lapped it up. Do you know what happened then?” asked Rob to the little one who was all ears.

“I felt rejuvenated and strong. I had evolved into a super-intelligent dog! That liquid was…. is an elixir. It makes you and me superior. Dogs in this land get bones dipped in the elixir so that our superiority amongst animals is maintained. I have it safely stored in a secret place. 

“Now, coming back to the story….. I was happy for a few days. Later, I got lonely. I missed my friends. I went to the tree house looking for a way back, but there was none. I howled in despair. 

“Lo! The skies opened again. I realized my howl was the key to the pathway, to this land and earth. I got my friends and other animals up here and soon a society was formed with me as the Emperor,” said Rob. 

“Sire, sorry, but we have a problem,” said the minister walking in.

“Run along now, I have important matters to deal with,” said Rob dismissing his grandson. 

“Sire, few Cats and some traitor dogs have revolted. They want the elixir. Our army is ready to fight on your orders sir!” said the Minister. 

“Why fight? Pass word that I am trying to hide the elixir and that I will reach the tree house in an hour,” said Rob after deciding his course of action.

One hour later Rob was attacked at the Tree house.

“Up There” said Rob stepping back.

The cats rushed to the tree house. They found littered gold and locked trunks. They got curious and started opening the trunks forgetting their purpose. The traitor dogs followed.

Rob waited for the right moment and howled. The skies opened, the cats and dogs fell, never to return again.

Victorious, Rob returned to his Palace and ruled wisely for many years.

Now you know why

Dogs howl at night and  It rained cats and dogs

And how 

Curiosity killed the cats.
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